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SpacesEDU Level 2 - Assessment and Reporting with SpacesEDU

The SpacesEDU Level 2 micro-credential explores the Assessment and Reporting tools in depth to elevate your teaching practices. To earn your certificate, you will create and customize your first Student Summary Statement in the Reporting Space and submit the PDF download.

Level 1 - Session 2 - Intro to SpacesEDU and Lingo

Within this session, we will familiarize you with SpacesEDU's terminology and fundamental features. You'll explore your teacher account to grasp the platform's functionality and successfully launch your first class.

Level 1 - Session 1 - Getting Started with SpacesEDU

Launch your first Class and configure Space settings according to your teaching practices and classroom needs.

Level 1 - Session 3 - SpacesEDU Wrap-up

In this final session, we review the steps and resources for getting started with SpacesEDU. To get your micro-credential and earn your badge, please complete the brief exit surveys at the end of sessions 1 and 2.