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Using Schoology to Build an Effective Online Experience for K-2 Students

Are you currently using or looking to use Schoology with your K-2 students? Join us to learn some essential skills and best practices for helping to design an effective online experience for your students on the Schoology platform. We'll look in greater detail at the elementary experience, building a visually appealing course, and much more! Get ready to provide the best online learning environment for your youngest learners!

Creating Meaningful Annotations Assignments in Schoology

Within Schoology, instructors can create an assignment that allows students to add annotations. In this session, we will explore how to create an annotations assignment as well as the annotation options on the student and teacher side. We will also review the grading procedures once an assignment is submitted as well as how students can resubmit if needed. Join us for a unique annotation experience on Schoology!

Fostering Independent Learning in Schoology

Schoology is the perfect tool for teachers to post classroom materials online for students to complete. In this session, we will explore how students can engage in independent and self-paced learning on Schoology. We will dive into strategies such as providing visuals, modeling specific tasks, and designing your Schoology homepage for easy navigation for students. Let's discuss Schoology resources and tools that create a positive learning experience!

Schoology for K-2 Teachers

Whether you're in the classroom or at home, engaging learners in the primary grades is essential to developing strong skills. Help provide at-home activities and assignments, share news and events, and post resources for your K-2 students and their parents using Schoology. We'll share tips and tricks for getting you started. As well as some engaging activities and resources!