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Using Adobe Express to Create Engaging Content for ELLs

Let's explore new features of Adobe Express! In this session, we will dive into specific activity ideas to engage our English language learners. We will go through the video creation process and share ideas for your students to create their own unique videos to show off their language skills. We will also share video and poster ideas that can help teachers capture the attention of ELLs. Let's get creating with Adobe Express!

Getting Started with Photoshop Elements

Are you nervous about learning the powerful Adobe Photoshop app? This course will teach you the basics of using Photoshop Elements, a powerful image editing software program designed for casual users, like teachers and students. You will learn how to edit photos, create collages, and add effects. You will also learn how to print and share your photos.

Adobe Express in the Classroom

Reimagine what students can create using Adobe Express, the free content creation platform by Adobe. We'll explore pre-made templates, collaboration tools, general creation features, and activity ideas. Get ready to take your lessons to new heights!