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Providing Personalized Support in Schoology

As teachers, we always strive to provide all our students with the best learning outcomes possible. In the digital age, it's easier than ever before to give every student the tailored experience they need with a few clicks. Join us for this session, where we're going to look at the different ways you can use your Schoology LMS to help provide your students individualized support. From small group to individual scaffolds, you'll learn some great strategies to use and how to put them in place in Schoology.

Cricut Basics

Cricut makes smart cutting machines that work with an easy-to-use app to help teachers and students in all subject areas and all grade levels design and personalize almost anything. In this session, we’ll go over the basics of using a Cricut and cover how to get started with your Cricut account and their design software. We’ll also discuss some cross-curricular activity ideas for you and your students so you can get started on creating unique projects. Let’s explore what this fun and easy to use machine has to offer!

Advisory Routines for Community Building

In this course, we will look into how to establish a strong connection with your students and fellow staff members. We will focus on community building activities and routines to establish the basics of a positive, safe, and caring environment that is built on trust, listening, and connectedness. Join us as we explore strategies to use in your advisory class and beyond!

Appsmashing with ChatGPT

In this session, participants will learn exactly what ChatGPT is, how to access it, and how to use it to assist with instructional tasks in the classroom. We'll start by sharing an abundance of use cases for classrooms of any grade level and content area, and then take it one step further by exploring the places you can take that content. There are so many websites, resources, and apps that teachers can use to appsmash. Plus, they can leverage the content produced by ChatGPT to streamline their teaching!

Mary Howard is a Nationally Board-Certified 6th grade ELA and science teacher who passionately believes in the potential that technology has for reaching and engaging all learners. She has spent the past 10 years presenting at dozens of technology conferences and has become a globally recognized speaker on AR and VR in the classroom, 3D design, QR codes, and AI. She authored the book, Artificial Intelligence to Streamline Your Teacher Life. Mary's accolades include NYS Master Teacher, NYS Teacher of the Year finalist in 2018 and 2020, ISTE Virtual Pioneer of the Year 2018, and is a Silver Presidnetial Service Award recipient. She is also a mother of 3 and an avid runner, cycler, and hockey volunteer.

Getting Started with micro:bit

Meet micro:bit, a pocket-sized computer that introduces you and your students to the basics of how hardware and software interact with each other. In this introductory session, we will take a look at all the different features that the micro:bit has to offer and teach you how to incorporate it into your classroom with some easy fall activities that you can use to engage your students.

100 Prompts for ChatGPT to Support Students

ChatGPT and AI models are going to be everywhere. Just how Google Search changed how we get information, AI is going to change how we work, teach, and learn. The trick is to ask ChatGPT questions that will help you get the most use out of the AI chatbot. In this session, Alice Keeler will be providing expert tips based on her popular blog post "100 Prompts for ChatGPT to Support Students.” The session will explore the best way to ask your questions and refine your prompts in order to support your students during the school year.

Alice Keeler is a former teacher, mom of five, expert in edtech integration & virtual learning, speaker, and author. She is passionate about student-centered teaching and using tech to build relationships, empower students, and make learning better. She is the author of 50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom and Stepping Up to Google Classroom. 

MC: School Leadership: Session 2 - Defining Yourself as a Leader

In this second session of our Leadership Microcredential we will focus on the characteristics define you as a leader. We will explore several types of leadership and diverse ways to help you have a genuine and clear understanding of who you are, what you know, and how to understand your own tendencies and strengths. We will also discuss how to use this knowledge to develop as a role model and leader in your school community.

Community Building for ELLs Using Google Workspace

Including our English language learners into the school community is crucial, especially at the start of the new school year. Join us for this session where we will explore how to build community with your ELLs interpersonally and school-wide using Google Workspace tools. We will be exploring Google Sites, Slides, My Maps, and more! You will leave this course with resources that you can begin using with your students starting on day one!

Getting Started with AR using Merge EDU


Merge EDU is a hands-on digital learning platform that engages students in STEM with 3D objects and simulations they can touch, hold, and interact with using the Merge Cube. Join Jaime Donally from ARVRinEDU to discover the benefits of Merge EDU for teachers and students, learn how it works, and have an opportunity to participate from home. Attendees to this live session are automatically entered to win one of five bundles containing a free 1-year individual subscription to Merge EDU, a Merge Cube, a Merge t-shirt, and stickers!

Jaime Donally is a passionate technology enthusiast who began her career as a math teacher and later moved into instructional technology. Her latest adventures include the launch of Global Maker Day and the #ARVRinEDU community. She frequently presents at events, is an edtech author, and provides staff development and training on immersive technology and the practical use of augmented and virtual reality in the classroom.

Classroom Projects to Inspire Creativity & Foster Social-Emotional Learning

Based on Dr. Haiken's book, this session is for educators who want to utilize creative classroom projects to foster content knowledge and social-emotional learning (SEL). Participants will be introduced to hands-on projects across disciplines that engage students, promote design thinking, and elevate learning while helping to build social and emotional skills.

Michele L. Haiken, Ed.D. is an educator, author, and blogger. She has been teaching for more than 24 years and is passionate about empowering 21st century learners through educational technology and literacy so everyone can reach excellence. She is the author of Creative SEL: Using Hands On Projects to Boost Social-Emotional Learning and Personalized Reading.

Diving into AI in Education: 10 Things to Try and 10 to Avoid

Uncover the potential of AI to revolutionize teaching and learning while learning from real-world examples. AI offers new opportunities to enhance student engagement and personalize learning experiences. However, AI comes with both promises and challenges. We will explore 10 dos and don'ts when it comes to AI. For example, do learn how AI-powered tutoring systems can adapt to individual student needs and provide personalized learning experiences but don't overlook data privacy or the ethical considerations when using AI in education. Join us to explore some AI tools and essential considerations.

Rachelle Dene Poth is a Spanish and STEAM teacher and attorney. She is a frequent presenter at conferences on emerging technology and ways to benefit student learning. Rachelle has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Presidential Gold Award for Volunteer Service in Education. As an accomplished author, she has seven titles currently in print, and has contributed to multiple collaborative publications. She enjoys delivering PD, especially on appsmashing, AR/VR, SEL, STEM, project-based learning, and more.

Chromebook Accessibility Tools

Chromebooks have become a popular choice as schools look to provide students with digital devices. But did you know that Chromebooks and the Chrome browser have accessibility tools that can help make content accessible for everyone? Join us to learn about Chromebook accessibility tools and how they can benefit you and your students!

Starting Strong with Data

You've got a new class, but what do you need to know about them? This course will share different data sources that you can use to plan your initial instruction and differentiate right from the start. We will explore a variety of collection tools that are immediately usable, easy to implement, and sustainable, through the Lumio, Mircrosoft, and Google platforms. Start the year off by supporting and enriching your student's learning.

MC: Level 1 - Section 2 - Intro to SpacesEDU and Lingo

This SpacesEDU Micro-credential is designed for teachers who are just getting started on SpacesEDU, or who have limited experience using the platform. Getting Started with SpacesEDU will introduce the core features and next steps to successfully launch your first class.

Besure to complete all four (4) "Time to Practice" assignments to recive credit for this session.

MC: Level 1 - Section 1 - Getting Started with SpacesEDU

Launch your first Class and configure Space settings according to your teaching practices and classroom needs