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Teqtivity Skills

Sphero Sprk+

To the right are short instructional videos associated with your selected skill. No Certificates can be earned upon completing these videos.

Sphero Tells a Story

Students will use Sphero to follow a path. At different points on the path there will be "checkpoints" and students will respond to story prompts. For example, character, setting, problem, solution. Join us as we explore a unique literacy activity with a Sphero twist!

Sphero Sight Words

In this activity, students will direct Sphero to a sight word that is called out. Students can use additional materials to create an obstacle course to add to the excitement of this activity! They will need to navigate to the sight word, say the word, and use the word in a sentence. This can be adjusted for each grade level and can be expanded on by having students write the words, write a story with the words, etc.

Build a Home for Sphero

In this activity, students will design a special home for their Sphero robots. The purpose of the home is to "protect" their robots and to keep it inside without breaking through the materials. Students will use home/classroom items to build a space for Sphero to fit inside. From there, students will try to drive the Sphero and the goal is for the house to stay up.

Build a Bridge Challenge

Let's build a bridge for Sphero to drive over! Students will be challenged to create a bridge using a variety of classroom or household materials. Then, students will program Sphero to drive over the bridge. Students will be challenged to think about different types of bridges, incorporate multiple design elements, and hold the weight of the Sphero.

Sphero City

In this activity, students will design and construct their own "Sphero City". Students will be challenged to build roads, buildings, houses, etc. for Sphero to navigate through. Once the city is designed, students can drive Sphero through or even create a coded program!

Super Smart Sphero!

Let's test our knowledge with Sphero! In this activity, students will take a "pop quiz" by answering questions and driving Sphero to the correct answer. This activity will begin by have answer choices set up (A,B,C,D). From there, multiple choice questions for any given subject area will be assigned to students. To answer the questions, students will drive the Sphero over to their answer choice.

What's That Number?

In this activity, students will control Sphero to answer math questions. Teachers will set up number cards that will be placed throughout the classroom. Students will then be asked a question and students will drive the Sphero to the correct number card.

Sphero SPRK+ and Bolt Time Trials

In the spirit of friendly competition students will run time trials with their Sphero.  This activity will give students the oppertunity to practice measuring angels and strigh lines, as well as code troubleshooting.

Sight Word Dance Off with Sphero SPRK+ and Bolt

During this lesson students will practice their sight word frequency by "dancing" their Sphero to the sight word that is read aloud. 

Rolling Down the Number Line Fraction Edition for Sphero SPRK and Bolt

In this activity students will use the Sphero SPRk+ or Bolt to practice fractions.  They will do this by rolling their robot the the assigned fraction onthe number line.