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Teqtivity Skills

9th-12th Grade

To the right are short instructional videos associated with your selected skill. No Certificates can be earned upon completing these videos.

Blackout Poetry

Students will start with a text sample, including but not limited to prose, quotations, paragraph samples provided by the teacher and create blackout poetry. 

*Note: SLSO is now known as Lumio and has even more features than before!

Presidential Baseball Cards

Watch this to learn how to create an activity for students in which they analyze the lives of various key figures during an important moment in history. 

Identifying and Recognizing Idiomatic Expressions in English Using Lumio

Students will be able to recognize and identify idiomatic expressions in everyday English.

*Note: SLSO is now known as Lumio and has even more features than before!

FOIL Method

Students will review the FOIL Method by working out problems in an online worksheet activity.  Then they will take an online assessment (SMART Response 2 Quiz through Lumio, formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online).

Analyzing Persuasive and Argumentative Writing Using Google Classroom

Students will be able to recognize and identify an author’s use of persuasive and argumentative writing techniques and use those skills to revise and edit an essay.  

World Religions

Students will learn about world religions and complete various activities using Lumio, formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online.

Atom Builder Lesson

To review the atomic structure of atoms and how this affects their ability to combine in chemical reactions, this lesson allows students to draw their structure using cloned objects and consult several Periodic Table resources.
*Note: SLSO is now known as Lumio and has even more features than before!

Bagel vs Bagel: Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Development Using ReadWorks

Students will be able to show their understanding of a reading passage and its key vocabulary words.  

Three Branches of Government

Students will learn about the three branches of government, understand each branch's role in our government, and the system of checks and balances.

Culture Show and Tell

Students will highlight an aspect of their culture and present it to their peers using an online video platform. They can highlight something personal (as in something unique to their family that is currently practiced), ancestral (passed down generation to generation), or cultural (something celebrated by people of their ethnicity, religions, race, etc.).  Through this, they will celebrate what is unique to their own culture as well as celebrate and learn about the cultures of their peers.

Opportunity Cost

In this video students will be able to understand that every decision they make has a consequence and be able to define opportunity cost.

Quadratic Formula

When teaching the Quadratic Formula to solve for x and graph parabolas (quadratic equations, we can present our Notebook file from Lumio, formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online and give students inking tools to work out the process and graph the functions. Take a look!

Makey Makey - Simple Circuits

Using your Makey Makey board, you will complete some simple circuits by using conductive material, alligator clips and your fingers!

Makey Makey - Insulators and Conductors

What types of materials are conductive?  Join me as I demonstrate a lesson using our Makey Makey board as students explore the concept of insulators and conductors.

Makey Makey - With Gamepads

In this lesson demostration, students make a gamepad using Play Doh.  I show how to test the gamepad out with Scratch programs and also some online free games.  This will all lead up to Game Design as students become more familiar with creating circuits on the Makey Makey board.

World Religions with Ozobots

Students will learn about various religions around the world with the help of Ozobots.

Sphero RVR - Pentagon Paths

After studying interior and exterior angles of polygons, students will program their RVR to trace around the path of a large pentagon. This will involve speed and heading settings in the Sphero EDU blocks.

Sphero RVR - Angle of Incline

Students studying trigonometry will apply their knowledge of solving a triangle to answer this question: What is the steepest angle of incline that the RVR can travel upwards? Students will work in pairs using a ramp and measuring tape to draw a diagram and calculate the angle, test driving the RVR in several trials.

Sphero RVR - Trig Triangle Paths

The teacher will print and hand out several triangle pictures to each group of students. They will calculate the side lengths and angle measures with only limited given information. This lesson involves using trig functions and formulas studied in Algebra 1 or 2 and is a great application of "Solving a Triangle". Once the triangle is solved, students will code the robot to move along the triangle's path.