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Teqtivity Skills

Social Studies

To the right are short instructional videos associated with your selected skill. No Certificates can be earned upon completing these videos.

Presidential Baseball Cards

Watch this to learn how to create an activity for students in which they analyze the lives of various key figures during an important moment in history. 

Thank You Notes For Community Helpers

During this activity, students will learn about the people that serve and help their community.  They will practice basic research skills to learn about their chosen community helper.  They will then practice writing skills by writing them a thank you note.  

World Religions

Students will learn about world religions and complete various activities using Lumio, formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online.

Flags of the World Google Slides

Students will research a country's flag and then present their information in a Google Slide.

Digital Citizenship Teq-tivity

Students will learn what it means to be a Digital Citizen and learn about what they can do to be responsible members of the digital community

*Note: SLSO is now known as Lumio and has even more features than before!

Three Branches of Government

Students will learn about the three branches of government, understand each branch's role in our government, and the system of checks and balances.

A Journey Across the Globe

Let's learn about the history of various countries across the globe! How do culture, geography, and history shape a community? How are world communities the same or different? Students will use Google Slides to share presentations about different cultures. Students can collaborate with one another to take on different components of each country. For example: food, language, geography, celebrations, attire, etc.

Age of Exploration

Students will learn about the Age of Exploration using Ozobots.

Historical Timeline with Ozobots

Students will create historical timelines of different time periods with the help of Ozobots!

World Religions with Ozobots

Students will learn about various religions around the world with the help of Ozobots.

Sphero RVR - Color Walk Biographies

Using the color sensor, students will program the RVR to read a list of words related to the Biographies category and associated to each specific color tile. They will use the Drive tool in Sphero EDU and stop over each color. This also uses speech blocks as well as the "On Color" event block.

Come Visit Our Country

Students will create a Google Site advertising their country for a visit.

In My Neighborhood

Students will begin with an exploration of an image of an example community and identify details in an illustration that hint at the type of community. The teacher will then provide students with concept mapping templates. Students will work independently or collaboratively on a concept mapping activity on Lumio, formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online, moving written descriptions or images into the associated type of community. Students might also choose to free draw their own images that describe that community type! 

Our Community Helpers

During this activity, students will apply previous knowledge and new understandings to complete two interactive activities focused on community helpers and their benefit to the community. In the first activity, students will categorize examples of community helpers to recognize similarities among community helpers. In the second activity, students will pair community helper names to their description.