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Teqtivity Skills


To the right are short instructional videos associated with your selected skill. No Certificates can be earned upon completing these videos.

Refrigerator Magnet Poetry

Students will create and share a poem in Google Slides by moving words on refrigerator magnets.

Identifying and Recognizing Idiomatic Expressions in English Using Lumio

Students will be able to recognize and identify idiomatic expressions in everyday English.

*Note: SLSO is now known as Lumio and has even more features than before!

Bagel vs Bagel: Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Development Using ReadWorks

Students will be able to show their understanding of a reading passage and its key vocabulary words.  

Sphero RVR - Color Walk Vowel Sounds

Using the color sensor, students will program the RVR to read a list of words related to the Vowel Sounds category and associated to each specific color tile. They will use the Drive tool in Sphero EDU and stop over each color. This also uses speech blocks as well as the "On Color" event block.

Read Along with Screencastify

Build reading and listening comprehension skills for your students by creating videos of you reading a text aloud to them. You don't have to be on camera, but having your students hear your voice can be of huge benefit! Use Screencastify to create this video content and then share it with your students on Google Classroom.