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Teqtivity Skills

Social Emotional Learning

To the right are short instructional videos associated with your selected skill. No Certificates can be earned upon completing these videos.

Engineering an Obstacle Course

Students will plan and create an obstacle course using household and outdoor materials. They will test their designs and share their findings in a discussion inside of Google Classroom and respond to other students.

Digital All About Me Books

This is a digital twist on a traditional back to school activity.  During this lesson students will have the opportunity to explore and express their likes, dislikes, preferences and tell their classmates and teachers their story by writing and illustrating their own book.  This purposely simple template with sentence prompts allows students to create from scratch without distractions.  This lesson will also open door the to have discussions about individuality, families, friends and all things involving the whole student.  This lesson can be done all at once, or over the course of the school year.

Social-Emotional Learning Board Game

Let's use games to get our students thinking and expressing themselves creatively! We will explore how to create, share, and play a board game to promote social-emotional learning. We will take a closer look at how to create their board game using Google Drawings and Google Docs and discuss methods for engaging our students across subject areas.

Social Emotional Learning: Kindness

This teqtivity will focus kindness, what it means, how it is demonstrated, and what students can do to be able to show kindness. 

How Are You Feeling?

Students will be able to connect emotions to scenarios. Students will color the appropriate color code to match the ozobot’s movement, either left or right, to the correct emotion. Have students explain their reasoning for the emotions they feel are correct

Act it Out!

Students will act out a story by recording a video of themselves on Flipgrid. Through this activity, they will practice communication and storytelling skills while expressing themselves creatively. The teacher will provide students with creative prompts and storytelling examples. Students can collaborate with one another on Flipgrid to share their performances.