Common Questions

How do I receive my Certificate after viewing a course?

After watching a video course the "Take Certification Quiz" will become available. Complete the quiz and survey to receive your certificate for this course.

How do I print my Certificates?

Certificates can be found on the individual course page or in the "Achievements" part of your "Dashboard". Click to Download the PDF certificate and Print as needed.

Use the "Forgot Password" option in the log in menu or email us at

Certification tracks are multiple courses that are tracked together to receive a Teq Digital Teacher Certification in a variety of Topics. To complete the Certification Track you must watch all videos associated with the track, complete all quizzes with each video and submit associated assignments to each course that is part of the Certification Track.

Courses with Assignments will have an assignment tab underneath the video. You can upload assignments by commenting and uploading files using the "Browse" and "Submit" buttons.

Navigating to any upcoming course in the "Course Calendar" will allow you to view the course description and register.

Can I view a course after it is broadcasted? Yes, all of our live broadcasts are archived and available in the "Course Library" 24-48 hours after their initial broadcast.

When will my Assignment be graded?

We review assignments on Wednesdays and Fridays every week.

If a playlist has been created and shared by your School or Districts administrators you can find it in your "Playlists" in your "Dashboard".

How do I create a Free account?

You can create a free account by visiting and click sign up as a basic user

This means you already have an account, use the "Forgot Password" option or email us at to help you access your account.

Once you create a free account you will be brought to a page with our most popular free content. Or if you sign up as a basic user at you can also visit the "Course Library" and filter the "Type" to "Free" you can see all of our Free content.

You can access your account info by clicking on you name in the top right of the page header and selecting the “Account Info” link

Use the askOTIS Support option on the right side of the page to connect with our team.

The video call requires an enabled microphone and web camera. It will also only works on Google Chrome on desktop computers. All other support options work on all web browsers and devices.

We are available from 8am-5pm Eastern Time.

Check with your network administrator and test your available bandwidth.

First, Check to see if the certificate was generated in the "Achievments" section of your "Dashboard". If not, use the askOTIS Instructional Support option on the right side of the page to connect with our team.

Try to use the latest browser versions available, check with your network administrator and test your available bandwidth. Or Use the askOTIS Instructional Support option on the right side of the page to connect with our team. We will assist you with the issue and make sure you receive the certificate for the course.

When I play a video it says the video is blocked or will not play.

It is possible that your school's network has blocked our video player. In order to view archived courses you must be able to access videos from We can speak with your network admin if you need to connect us.

Does OTIS fulfill my state-required PD hours?

Click on your state via this map to see how OTIS can be used towards your state teaching certifications.

What courses earn CTLE Hours?

Any course with a “Take Quiz” button below the video will earn PD hours.

Where can I find ready to use lessons and materials?

Visit our Educator Resource Center at or click the “Lessons” link in the top bar.

What is a Teq Digital Teacher Certification (DTC)?

Teq DTCs are a series of courses to help you gain proficiency with commonly used platforms such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, SMART, and Promethean. You can receive CTLE credit for watching any of these courses individually. However, if you also complete the associated assignments and final project, you will also be awarded with a certificate from Teq. The Google series can be used to help you prepare for Google’s Certified Educator Exams as well.

What do the color boxes around courses represent?

Courses are color-coded by type:

  • Courses about Product Familiarization – Green
  • Certification Courses – Purple
  • Tech-Infused Lessons – Orange
  • Frameworks/ Resources – Blue
  • Instructional Skills – Pink
  • Content Uploaded by Schools (not Teq) – Orange