Robert Abraham

Specialty Areas:
SMART/Lumio, special ed, Google, Microsoft, 3D printing, robotics, project-based learning

Rob has nearly 30 years of experience in education with ten years as an elementary school teacher in the NYCDOE and over 19 years as a professional developer and instructional strategist. He is passionate about education and technology, especially in the special needs community. When he’s not delivering PD or working with schools and districts, he enjoys spending time with his family in reality, and gaming in virtual reality. And doughnuts.

Top Courses

Taking Attendance with Google Forms

Taking attendance remotely can be a little tricky but using Google Forms in Google Classroom makes it easier. We will look at creating a form and assigning it in Google Classroom so you can start taking attendance remotely.

Dyslexia and Technology - Using Microsoft Tools in the Classroom

Did you know that in today’s classrooms, it is estimated that one in five students have dyslexia? There are likely far more who have not yet been diagnosed. Join us as we explore the tools in Microsoft Suite that can help educators and families to understand this common learning difference. We will explore these tools so families and teachers can better recognize and support their dyslexic learners, helping them improve their reading and writing comprehension in the process.

MC: Assistive Technology Certification Session 3- Laws

When it comes to Assistive Technology, there is a wide range of services and devices that children may be entitled to. In Session 3 of our Assistive Technology certification, we'll dive into federal law and review some of the existing laws regarding AT and the progression over time. We'll also explore the terminology and acronyms used in conversations about AT.

MC: Assistive Technology Certification Session 6- AT in Different Environments

Assistive Technology is used widely in school settings but also prevalent in other environments such as the home, workplace, and various locations in the community. Devices like hearing aids, wheelchairs, and braille systems are just some examples of AT equipment that are geared towards improving the everyday life of people with disabilities. In session 6, we will explore the use of AT devices in various settings outside of the classroom.

MC: Assistive Technology Certification Session 9- Evaluation of AT

Assistive Technology in education is about much more than selecting and implementing the specific tool or device. Beyond the preliminary assessment to ensure a “match” between the students' abilities and the features of a device, comes the ongoing monitoring to make sure the tool is achieving its intended purpose. Join us in Session 9 to explore plans for evaluating Assistive Technology.

MC: 3D Printing & Design: Session 1 - Introduction

Join us for the first session in our 3D Printing and Design certification! We will start off the certification with an introduction to the series and then discuss the breakdown of courses, assignment requirements, and support resources. Then, we'll explore the basics of 3D design and printing.

How to Join a Google Classroom with a Code on an iPad

In this video you will learn how to join a Google Classroom with a code on iPad.

Rename a File in Drive on an iPad

In this video you will learn how to rename a file in Google Drive using the Drive app on iPad.

Making a Copy of a File in Google Drive on an iPad

In this video you will learn how to make a copy of a file in Google Drive using the Drive app on iPad.

Creating a New File in Drive on an iPad

In this video you will learn how to create a file in Google Drive using the Drive app on iPad.

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