Jennifer George

Specialty Areas:
Rube Goldberg Machines

Jennifer is Rube Goldberg’s granddaughter and the Chief Creative Officer of the Rube Goldberg Institute (RGI). Since 2007, she has conceived and developed cultural events and educational projects linking art, science, technology, and entertainment in visionary ways. Under her watch, RGI produces and manages annual competitions, traveling exhibitions, books, merchandise, and entertainment that enhances the brand and promotes its educational mission.

Top Courses

A Rube Goldberg Summer of Outdoor Fun

We’re heading into summer and there is no better place to take your Rube Goldberg Machine building than outdoors! Sandbox, water-play, planting, digging, and even playgrounds can be part of the kinetic fun! Join Jennifer George and friends as they discuss the joy Rube Goldberg and machine-building can bring to your summer programming.

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