Matt Joseph

Specialty Areas:
Inquiry-based instruction, active learning, student-centered learning, student voice, educator support

Matt is currently the Director of Evaluation, Supervision, Mentoring and Hiring in Brockton Public Schools. He is the CEO of X-Factor EDU and the author of several books. He has held many positions in education. from classroom teacher to principal. This has given him insight into how best to support teaching and learning. He writes articles for national publications and is a frequent speaker at state and national educational events as well as the president-elect of MASCD.

Top Courses

X-Factor EDU Wrap Up

Integrating technology into the classroom will help meet students' needs for variety, stimulation, and accessing information. Today's learners are always connected, and the strategies to maximize that connection of technology, pedagogy, and self-care are critical. Hear from X-Factor EDU's four national authors on skills and strategies to make that idea a reality, concluding this series of sessions from the X-Factor EDU team.

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