Kelly Mancuso

Specialty Areas:
ENL/TESOL, project-based learning, Nearpod, Edpuzzle, Microsoft

Kelly taught for three years as a substitute teacher for grades 1-5 and worked as an ENL and reading teacher. She has dual master’s degrees in TESOL and instructional design & educational technology. As a self-proclaimed life-long learner, she believes that technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the ever-changing learning experience.

Top Courses

Getting Started with Plickers

As teachers, we're constantly looking for ways to streamline our classroom and make everyday tasks easier. What if there was a tool that could help you easily informally assess your students and see what theme they want for their reward party? Look no further than Plickers! In this course, we'll tell you everything you need to know to get started using Plickers QR responses in your classroom. You'll walk away feeling confident in creating classes & your first activity, and be inspired to use them as part of your class routine.

Redefining Creative Writing Prompts

Explore the boundaries of creative expression in this course on redefining creative writing prompts. In this course, we will explore diverse methods for crafting prompts that help ignite your students’ imagination. We will also delve into innovative approaches to showcase students’ writing as we break away from traditional molds.

Sounds for ELLs in SMART Notebook

Join our ‘Sounds for ELLs in SMART Notebook’ course and discover the power of integrating SMART Notebook technology to elevate English Language Learner (ELL) experiences. Uncover effective techniques for teaching phonetics, pronunciation, and auditory skills through interactive lessons. Participants will engage in practical applications, harnessing SMART Notebook tools to create dynamic and immersive learning environments that are tailored to the unique needs of ELLs.

Getting Started with BreakoutEDU

Discover the power of BreakoutEDU in revolutionizing your teaching approach with this introductory course. Designed for educators, this course will provide a comprehensive overview of BreakoutEDU's principles, methods, and applications. Learn how to engage students in immersive learning experiences, foster collaboration, and develop critical thinking skills through gamified challenges. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the tools and strategies to implement BreakoutEDU effectively in your classroom, creating dynamic and memorable learning opportunities for your students.

Canva Visual Aids for ELLs

In today’s digital age, visual aids play a crucial role in language learning, especially for English language learners. In this course, discover the power of Canva, which will equip educators and language enthusiasts with the skills to craft captivating visual aids that are tailored to the needs of ELLs. Learn how to design vocabulary flashcards, grammar posters, and interactive presentations that enhance comprehension and engagement.

Digital Online Certifications

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